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Many hats!


Hope your week is going well, even with the very sad world events. I am trying to stay focused and complete my Halloween projects. Thank goodness for

music, a perfect distraction while I work.

Today I almost completed matting all the wonderful prints for my Etsy shop. I found a great web site that was not expensive and they matched the colors almost perfectly. I hope to have the prints available next week.

As a self-employed artist, this means wearing many hats. I wish every day was filled with painting but the reality is I am unable to. But I also enjoy being able to switch hats and do every aspect of my business. Being a graphic artist in my earlier career has been a gift for my business and has allowed me to be fully self-sufficient. There is a great sense of pride and exhaustion.

I will make this post short because of the time and I need some wine. :)

You can find the Halloween and Cat Totem prints on my Etsy shop:

Take care of you and your loved ones!

Thanks for stopping by!


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