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First Snow and Bald Eagles

There is a very special feeling when you wake up to the first snow of the season. As I ventured outside to feed the birds, a sense of tranquility swept over me. The snow was lightly falling and the air was cold. I'm sure the birds appreciated the seeds.

After coffee and a nice breakfast, admiring the snow while washing dishes, a huge bird was perched on a tree outback. What was it!? I ran and got binoculars, a juvenile Bald Eagle. No way!

Then I saw another one further back perched on a large pine. A few moments later they were both on the same tree. Time to get the camera! I have seen Bald Eagles fly over before and they mesmerize you by their size and beauty. But this was an extraordinary moment!

A few minutes later an adult Bald Eagle swooped by and the youngsters followed. I am

so happy that I was able to witness such beauty. I was wondering what subject I wanted to paint on birch next - Yeup - Bald Eagle!

I never tire of the wonders that our backyard provides us.

Have a wonderful day! And Thanks for stopping by!


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