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Candles and Art


The Winter season has begun in the norther hemisphere, even if the calendar may not agree. The sun is low and the dark nights are longer. A perfect time to light a candle.

I love candles all year long but especially during the Winter. Candles offer a soft light, warm glow and fragrance to make any room cozy.

I started making candles in 2020 after my Mom passed. It was a way to handle grief while being busy. A needed distraction, so the journey began.

When I began creating my soy candles, I wanted to make a safe candle that connected to aroma and sight. So I decided to add my artwork to each candle. There were paintings already completed that matched perfectly and then also created new artwork. This worked so well since my subjects are about Nature, Maine Wilderness and the Seasons. My favorite subjects to paint.

I love the connection my paintings have with each candle. It makes the fragrances and the paintings more unique and brings the paintings to life. Imagine you are watching a Fox while breathing in the fragrance of the woods.

Have a wonderful day! And Thanks for stopping by!



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