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When to say When

It's a very dreary morning here in Maine. A perfect day that I should be painting and creating but the heart is just not into it. There has been so much tragedy and loss in the past 5 days that I am swirling in grief. These events involve those who I did not know directly but the empath in me is on overload.

So even though I felt this way I pushed myself to paint a few simple paintings. Then the paint, the brush and my mind were completely working against each other. Yea...the frustration took it's toll.

I cleaned the brush, put the paint away and turned the light off. I put my sneakers on and went to the treadmill, a healthy option and decided to do some light yoga as well. I do feel better, more centered and the mind is a little bit clearer, my heart still has a while to go...

This morning reminded me how important it is to take care of ourselves all the time, when it is time to say "when", enough, stop. I consistently put work before my needs and that is not healthy. I always push to the limit.

Please make the time for yourself during difficult moments or when you just need a break. Take a nap, eat junk food, wear baggy clothes, cry, watch happy movies, go connect with nature by taking a walk, escape with a good book and detach from the internet.

Always take care of you and find your center!


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