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There is a very special feeling when you wake up to the first snow of the season. As I ventured outside to feed the birds, a sense of tranquility swept over me. The snow was lightly falling and the air was cold. I'm sure the birds appreciated the seeds.

After coffee and a nice breakfast, admiring the snow while washing dishes, a huge bird was perched on a tree outback. What was it!? I ran and got binoculars, a juvenile Bald Eagle. No way!

Then I saw another one further back perched on a large pine. A few moments later they were both on the same tree. Time to get the camera! I have seen Bald Eagles fly over before and they mesmerize you by their size and beauty. But this was an extraordinary moment!

A few minutes later an adult Bald Eagle swooped by and the youngsters followed. I am

so happy that I was able to witness such beauty. I was wondering what subject I wanted to paint on birch next - Yeup - Bald Eagle!

I never tire of the wonders that our backyard provides us.

Have a wonderful day! And Thanks for stopping by!


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It's a very dreary morning here in Maine. A perfect day that I should be painting and creating but the heart is just not into it. There has been so much tragedy and loss in the past 5 days that I am swirling in grief. These events involve those who I did not know directly but the empath in me is on overload.

So even though I felt this way I pushed myself to paint a few simple paintings. Then the paint, the brush and my mind were completely working against each other. Yea...the frustration took it's toll.

I cleaned the brush, put the paint away and turned the light off. I put my sneakers on and went to the treadmill, a healthy option and decided to do some light yoga as well. I do feel better, more centered and the mind is a little bit clearer, my heart still has a while to go...

This morning reminded me how important it is to take care of ourselves all the time, when it is time to say "when", enough, stop. I consistently put work before my needs and that is not healthy. I always push to the limit.

Please make the time for yourself during difficult moments or when you just need a break. Take a nap, eat junk food, wear baggy clothes, cry, watch happy movies, go connect with nature by taking a walk, escape with a good book and detach from the internet.

Always take care of you and find your center!


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Updated: Nov 9

Happy Friday!

Today is a down day for me. I have been non-stop for the past week, getting all the prints ready for my Etsy page, started a new painting and finishing up a pet portrait. It's a gloomy day and lots of rain coming so it seemed perfect to relax a little.

So during my "downtime", I decided to prepare a new batch of dried birch bark for paintings I will start early next week and for the Holiday season. Most of this bark, from fallen trees only, has been drying for a while so the pieces are easier to break apart. Going through the bark I have to pay attention to what pieces work best. I have to be aware of thicker bark because the frames won't close or too many holes, which are difficult to paint on. Little details to make sure each piece is ready for its subject.

I like having a variety of pieces, especially if I am choosing for a pet portrait. The bark somehow communicates with me if it's the right piece. Sounds crazy but I have started a couple portraits and the bark just didn't fit the painting, so I have to pick another piece and the outcome is always the same, the new bark fits.

If you want to see the prints I mentioned - here is the link to my Etsy shop below!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Thanks for stopping by!


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