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Heartstone Sanctuary

It has been a while since I wrote a post on this blog.

Today I wanted to write about the needs of a sanctuary in Sligo, Ireland. A place created to bring animals a freedom and safety that they never had. A place that they could live without fear or pain.

Today is a day filled with sorrow because these very same animals need to be rescued from the land they live on. Their rescuer, Nia, has been asking for help for a while. She has received some help with donations and sharing her situation through social media. But the

deadline hangs over their head as time literally has run out.

Why do I care?

Because there is so much good in this world that is ignored. My heart sank discovering what was happening and that Nia needs to again rescue the animals she loved. I found Nia's Instagram post a few months ago and I created watercolor paintings of her sweet animals and donated all proceeds to her sanctuary. I never thought twice about trying to help and spread the word. I've contacted many popular names, newspapers, magazines, etc. These attempts were made in hope that we would find that one person or persons that could find new farmland.

Heartstone Sanctuary needs a miracle.

If you would like to donate use the link below:

Learn more about Heartsone Sanctuary:

Thank you!


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