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Art for Kindness


Now that the Holiday "push" for my retail space complete, I can concentrate on new

projects and continue to work on paintings that were started. My list is endless and I am

so grateful. Being an artist is sometimes pushing your limit and stepping onto paths you haven't gone before. It's also is about staying positive!

A little over a month ago, I found a page on Instagram for Heartstone Sanctuary. The first word I saw was Help! I had to learn more! The sweet faces that were staring back at me grabbed my heart.

The situation is that the land the sanctuary is built on is sinking due to heavy rains, flooding and now it is Winter. This vegan rescue takes in all kinds of animals that were abused, neglected, or just horrible situations and gives them a second chance for a life filled with love and freedom.

If I had a million dollars it would all go to this safe haven, I wanted to help. So, I decided to use my art as a way to connect and hopefully bring some needed funds for supplies or anything else plus, spread the word about the sinking situation. Time to paint!!

I have started to create watercolor paintings of the sweet faces that call Heartstone home.

All proceeds will go to Heartstone Sanctuary. Below are some of the paintings finished and one I am still working on. There will be many to choose from!

I will share when the matted prints are ready for purchase but for now check out the link above and share, share, share!!!

Thank you for stopping by!!!


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