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Lion - Big Cat Series 2022
Tiger - Big Cat Series 2022

This project began in the year 2020. It all started with a discussion of black and white photos and why not paintings. The light bulb lit up and I decided to create four paintings with only two paint colors, black and white. The eyes were painted in full color to keep the realism. It was very exciting to create the shadows and light with a lot of detail rather than the hues of color.  I chose these four Big Cats because of my love of Cats and the wonder, power and mystery they possess. 

All four paintings were created on unframed 16" x 16" and 18" x 18"gallery canvases.

They are currently available.

I will be donating a percentage of sales to The Big Cat Sanctuary.

Visit their web site below.​

Big Cat Series 2022

Panther - Big Cat Series 2022
Cheetah - Big Cat Series 2022
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